Praise & Worship

Worship of our beautiful Lord is essential to any believer.  At Messiah Community we celebrate our relationship with Christ through the corporate worship experience.  The time of Praise & Worship isn't a spectator sport, it is a time for you to experience the Lord's presence and love.


As Often As You Gather

At Messiah Community we recognize the healing that happens when a believer places their hope and trust in the communion they have with Christ as demonstrated in the Holy Communion celebration.  That is why we have Holy Communion every Sunday.  Join us and be healed.


The Best Contract Is One You Know

Fireworks will go off in your mind as you discover the legal standing you have in heaven based upon the Word of God.  Taught by a real expert in the law, this message will open your mind and heart to believe. We begin live at 10:30AM at 6969 Montgomery Rd.  If you can't join us live check us out on-line. Can't get here? Watch on line by following the link. Pin 140 7075# https://www.anymeeting.com/327-576-041

Life Struggles

Perfect On The Outside; Miserable On The Inside-Life Between 20 and 60.  Mrs. Cinny Roy is going to share with our congregation on June 24 at 10:30AM of her struggles as a PK (preachers kid), the tragedies of early decision making and facing the fact that Jesus loved her and favored her in spite of her mistakes.  Join us live at MCC or listen in on-line at www.anymeeting.com/messiahcommunity1. This testimony is a life changer. Bring your daughters and your sons.

Deep Water Wednesdays

Deep Water Wednesdays

On Wednesdays we have 2 opportunities to study the Word. 10:00AM at MCC & 8:00PM on anymeeting.com.  We will break after June 13 until August 15 from our regular Wednesday Bible Study.  Join us then for some Deep Water. Follow the link below to our Deep Water Wednesday Webinar: Attendee PIN 140 7075# https://www.anymeeting.com/578-797-869


Insert Jesus

that big empty on the inside of you.....It's there for a Savior

In this day and age so many folks are living in loneliness and fear even though they are safe and surrounded by people.  Our culture is becoming more and more disconnected.  Insert Jesus! When He is in your life as your personal friend and Savior through His Holy Spirit He will teach you to open up and receive love.  He will teach you how to be vulnerable yet remain unhurt.  He will teach you how to stand strong yet remain humble.  We don't believe the world needs more religion or more self help messages.  We simply need more understanding of who Jesus is.  When we believe right, we begin to think right and when we think right we act right.  Our church teaches Jesus Christ and Him crucified that you might live and have a more abundant life.  Come visit us and you will see the power of the Word to change and fill your life.