Praise & Worship

Worship of our beautiful Lord is essential to any believer.  At Messiah Community we celebrate our relationship with Christ through the corporate worship experience.  The time of Praise & Worship isn't a spectator sport, it is a time for you to experience the Lord's presence and love.  In His presence is fullness of JOY!


After struggling in a hot sanctuary for the past 3 years it appears our NEW Air Conditioning will finally be finished next in time for our Baptism Service on July 15th.  It has been a loooong struggle getting it in and operational but our time has finally come to be cool.  Join us for a cool message on July 15th.


As Often As You Gather

At Messiah Community we recognize the healing that happens when a believer places their hope and trust in the communion they have with Christ as demonstrated in the Holy Communion celebration.  That is why we have Holy Communion every Sunday.  Join us and be healed.

Life Struggles

Real Truth Produces Real Freedom Pt 3

The conclusion of Real Truth Produces Real Freedom will be taught by Pastor Wayne after our Baptisms on July 15.  Find out how that which seems impossible can be possible when you live IN CHRIST.  We begin at 10:30AM at 6969 Montgomery Rd in Silverton.  You may also listen live on-line  Attendee PIN 140 7075#  https://www.anymeeting.com/398-293-400

Water Baptism

Water Baptism

Sunday July 15 we will be baptizing souls by full immersion as taught in the Scriptures.  Jesus said that we should follow Him.  Being baptized in water by full immersion illustrates ones belief in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.  It is an agreement with Christ that ones sins are washed away and they have become new in Christ.  No longer are we slaves of sin but we have become partakers of right standing before God without sin.

Deep Water Wednesdays

Deep Water Wednesdays

You may access many of our Deep Water Wednesday teachings by going to our resource page and clicking on any of the Deep Water Wednesday 2018 links.  All our classes are recorded and posted uncut so you get it all.  We will begin live classes again on August 15 at 8:00PM


You Will Never Meet Anyone Like Him

There are certain people you learn about in life that change everything for you

There are people you read about in magazines or maybe biographies that you say to yourself, "Wow! I want to be like that."  Then there is that certain someone that their story so impacts your thinking that their story actually causes change within the core of your being.  Jesus of Nazareth is one of those kind of stories about a real person in history.  He was born of humble beginnings, lost his earthly father early, had brothers and sisters that made fun of him and then made the ultimate sacrifice for people who didn't even care for Him.  If His story ended there it would impact anyone reading the long version of it. 

But it goes on.  After three days He rose from the dead, appears to all of His friends who had abandoned Him in the worst hours of His life, forgives them, then names them in His will as the beneficiary of His vast Kingdom.  He then puts them in charge of building the Kingdom after they have been visited by His ambassador and endued with power to act on His behalf.  These friends that had left Him, denied Him and lied about knowing Him are granted special places at His table in the Kingdom.  They go forward with the authority to do all the works that Jesus did while He was here with Him.  And they do!  They turn the world upside down as one prominent government official said.  Their number one job was to recruit others to believe in the account of their best friend and benefactor.

Great story line right?  But it's real and true in every way.  Jesus has been alive and living through all those heirs of His Kingdom for 2000+ years.  The power and reality of His inheritance has not diminished one bit even after millions have received from Him.  My friend, today is the day you too can become an heir to the vast Kingdom of Jesus the Christ, the Son of the Living God.  Simply believe that He came and died for you personally.  Repent (or change your mind) about your life and how you live it.  Decide, make a choice, to follow the life and teachings of Jesus. You will find a new life filled with hope ahead of you.  It really is that easy.