Only One Place To Get An Answer

Q & A 

Every now and then you would like to answer a question and have a real studied out answer given that actually answers the question.  For the next two Sundays Pastor Wayne is going to answer questions submitted by the congregation.  There are no "softballs" in these questions and they are ones most people are asking in this day and age.  Show up or tune in at This is a unique opportunity to ask and learn.

Sunday Service

Emergency Shut Down Today

Attention everyone.  Our boilers shut down last night so we will not be having our Sunday morning service due to the cold inside. Please join us at 11AM on the web at:

for a message from Pastor Wayne.  This will be a good lesson that he will continue next week.  

Deep Water Wednesdays

Deep Water Wednesdays

For the equipping of the Saints.....

On Wednesdays we have two opportunities to study the Word. 10:AM Live at MCC and 8:00PM Live on  Our current series analyzing what it means to be "In Him" based on Paul's letter to the Ephesians is a great study for New Believers or seasoned Saints.


Focus On The Cross

Jesus is the person for whom the church exist.

The church of Jesus Christ is a body of all different types of people.  some old, some young, some highly educated, some not so much.  the one thing they all have in common is their belief the Jesus completed our redemption at His sacrifice on the cross.  We are a Spirit filled body that believes in teaching all the benefits of the cross.  God poured out His favor or grace in a radical way on all who believe in His love for us.