Benefits Of The Blood Pt 4

Justified For The Priesthood

Join us tomorrow for another great message in our series Benefits Of The Blood.  I will be teaching Justified For The Priesthood.  There are rights and privileges of the Old Testament priest that the believer today needs to know and walk in.  In order to do it though you must be justified.  See you Sunday at 10:30AM. Participate Live
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Live Message for A Time Of Shut In

Join us each Sunday for our Sunday Morning Lesson.  We will have communion pray and hear a good word.  There may even be from time to time some worship songs.  This is inconvenient but it is not impossible and the people of God will not be stopped from learning the Word.  Our worship will not stop.  See you on-line Sunday at 10:30AM  

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Deep Water Wednesdays 2020

Deep Water Wednesday Webinar

We will take a look at Abraham's family and life.  You find the Lord interacting with them and continuing His relationship up close and in person.  We can gain much in understanding our privileges as believers from these cases. You may listen over a telephone or participate by joining the meeting on-line.  We look forward to seeing you Wednesday at 8:00PM sharp. Participate Live

The Power of The Word

Uncut and Powerful

Our weekly Sunday morning messages are published on our SERMON page of this site.  They are uncut so you get the message just like the folks who were there on Sunday morning.  We publish an audio only version and a video version.  Pastor Wayne teaches in series the good news of the Scriptures.  You can catch up or start up.  It's all there for the believer to be encouraged, edified and equipped on the most Holy Word.  

The Key to relationship

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Sign in or sign up to be connected to Messiah Community Church through Realm. is the cloud based program we use to dispense and store information. We use as a tool to connect us all together. It is there for your use but you need to activate your account.  Follow the link to sign in or sign up to receive communications, give, and look up information.  It is secure and privacy is set by you for your contact information.

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We All Have A Piece In The Gospel

On-Line Giving

The support of the local church has been set up by God to be a win-win for everyone involved.  He chose tithing as a means to release wealth to His people.  In fact the Lord ask us to "try" Him in this very thing.  He gives us a challenge then tells us what we will experience as a result.  When we all do our part the whole is blessed beyond imagination.  You may text MESSIAHCC to 73256 to give through a text app or hit the donate button at the top of our page.   


A Covenant To Be Remembered

Each week we take communion as a body.  It isn't a ritual but a remembrance of the death of Jesus Christ for our sin.  In this death we recognize that Jesus made a covenant with all who will accept it to redeem them from all the curse of the Law.  In this covenant there are promises.  One of those promises is the healing of our bodies.  Come and participate in remembrance of the covenant of Grace.


Worship is Life

Corporate worship has been around since the start of the church.  People would gather in Jesus' name and sings the Psalms of King David then the Spirit would bless them in His presence.  God hasn't changed.  Worship is a participatory action of the believers.  It isn't a spectator event!  We invite you to lift your hands and hearts toward the heavens in worship of the King.  It will heal your soul and bring joy to your heart. Miracles happen when God inhabits the praises of His people.  Join us at 10:30AM every Sunday.



My Unrighteousness Exchanged For Christ Righteousness

Many people struggle with the "sins" of their past.  They are haunted with a sense that they are not worthy of complete, total and final forgiveness.  After all, our society and religions demand a judgement and punishment for sins committed.  Even the ones nobody realizes we have committed.  The problem is that even though nobody else knows.....we know.  So it becomes very easy when things don't go our way or bad events happen in our lives to tell ourselves that somehow we ultimately deserved it anyway.  If God is merciful then He also has to be righteous!! Right!?!?

This is code for, "you deserve punishment."  But what if in the realm of righteousness, true righteousness, there would be no penalty for sins committed?  What if you could stand before the Almighty God of the universe completely and totally in right standing, guilty of nothing at all.??  Would you accept that outcome?  Could you find it in your heart to receive in the inner most chambers of your heart and mind complete exoneration for all the known and unknown errors of your life?  Sadly many do not know that this option exist so they make no attempt to receive it.  If they believe there is an ultimate God out there somewhere who will ultimately judge men according to their deeds, they most often believe there isn't a thing they can do about their own end result.  If they don't believe there is a God at all then they simply live life ignorant of the blessing of true unbridled freedom from conscience. 

The option does exist and it is a person not an action that opens a human life to live totally free from guilt, shame and any fear of eternal judgement.  That person is Jesus the Christ.  He is the Son of The Living God who stood before His Father and declared by royal decree that all of mankind, regardless of culture, upbringing, social economic status, severity of sins committed or good deeds done, were declared in right standing.  Not by works of right standing that any could or would do.  Not at the cost of an accounting sheet that kept track of our good and bad deeds.  He declared us all not guilty and in right standing because of His satisfaction of the requirements of holiness and righteousness.  By taking all our efforts on Himself to become righteous, He once and for all accomplished what man could not.  He satisfied the demands of the universe for judgement.  

But what do I have to do??  Glad you ask!  All you have to do is accept that for yourself.  Claim His righteousness for yourself.  Make the decision in your mind and heart to believe the story.  Accept that this person who lived in the flesh 2000+ years ago had you in mind when He accepted the death on the cross as payment for sin, unrighteousness, human error, iniquity, bad judgement, and any other thing that condemns the heart of a man.  He took upon Himself any future punishment for things done wrong in the human condition.  "It is finished", were His final words.  He didn't mean it was over He meant it was just beginning.  Your life lived in right standing.  It is a beautiful thing to experience and live. Change your mind today.  Accept the gift of eternal right standing and begin to truly live.