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Our Mission, Purpose and Vision
Your walk with God is relationship

Our Mission, Purpose and Vision

Our Mission Statement:

Messiah Community Church is a relational body of believers teaching the message of the radical grace of God from the Bible which produces Right Believing, Right Thinking and Causes Right Actions.

That's it.  We simply want to help people reach a place where they have right believing.  If you believe right, then you will begin to think right and if you think right you will act right.  When you act right you will begin to walk in confidence that you are right.  All based not on your own abilities or actions, but on what Christ Jesus has already fully accomplished at the cross and through His resurrection. 

Our name really says it all:  Messiah Community Church Ministries.  The Messiah is who we identify with and follow as He is our head.  We are a community of like minded followers of Christ.  We are the Church we don't go to church. Our lives should be about doing the work of the ministry.  Simply stated: We minister God's Grace to the hurting, helpless, hopeless and those who have "it all together" because there are really only two kinds of people in the world, those who need Jesus and those who need more of Jesus.

"We have a goal of bringing together a church of people who live by grace and not the law.  Grace comes through a right believing of the Word.  Our ultimate goal is for every member to be a carrier of the message of God's radical grace into the world.  In this process we plant people and churches that reproduce the message and process of living by and through grace.  All of this builds inseperable relationships between the parts of the body."  Pastor Wayne Fox

At Messiah Community we have a fourfold purpose:

To glorify God and His Name through our actions, our worship, and our lives. Our actions will be to the edification of people through works, teaching, training and communication. Our worship will be passionate, free and focused. Our lives will reflect Christ as we are continually transformed into His image. Living in peace with one another is the ultimate show of God's glory.  This is the oneness of relationship as Jesus taught.

To reproduce believers through spreading the Word of the radical grace of Almighty God toward humanity.  We have been given the word of reconciliation and the commission to spread it to every creature.  It is the love of God that draws men to repentance (or to change their minds about God and His grace).  Our everyday lives and actions are continually a reflection of Christ to those within and without the body of Christ. This is evangelism via relationships.

To enjoy the Kingdom of God in the territory God has placed us in.  We are destined to reign on this earth.  Christians ought to understand and walk in the power of the Spirit of Christ.  The earth is the Lord's but He has given us dominion over it.  We should not be subject to this world but we should rule over all that is anti-Christ. Through building relationships with fellow believers we form bonds that make the church stronger, more durable and more influential. One puts a thousand to flight: Two ten thousand.  All that is was created for man to enjoy not be burdened over.

To do the work of the ministry.  Through a constant quest to understand God's amazing Grace toward us, we are moved with a passion to do those greater works Jesus spoke about.  Knowing the Love of God for us assures us the devil will have no place in our lives.  When sin lies at the door we should rule over it.  We know that light always overcomes darkness.  When we build strong relationships with each other we form an army that cannot be defeated but that takes aggressive action through compassionate works to take back territory stolen from mankind.

Vision Statement

Messiah Community Church's vision is to continually edify believers who spread God's word using their gifts and talents in a multiplication process that grows the church through developing personal relationships, effective leaders and an ever expanding influence of the ministry until every community receives the message of God's radical grace for them.