About Us

Who Are We?

Who Are We?

The Best Kept Secret Cincinnati.  A Place of healing, peace and joy where the Word of God is taught without apologies or compromise.

Messiah Community Church is a different kind of church.  We are a church that believes in the full Pentecostal experience and the gifts of the Spirit yet we also believe in unconditional eternal security.  We're just a bunch or ordinary people who chose to become a community of like minded Jesus followers believing we were all called with a purpose to glorify the Lord God in the earth.  We love the Word of God and the truth of the Gospel.  

Worship is participated in not watched as our people enjoy the Lord's presence.   

Physical, verifyable healings happen all the time.  We will annoint the sick and suffering according to James 5:14-15.  We expect their recovery not because we have any power but because Jesus has given the church healing.

People are continually being challenged to search the Word and to live by faith. 

Jesus is the center piece of everything.  The Holy Ghost is the wonder working power of God. 

Radical Grace and a belief that God loves us unconditionally keep us from sin, not allow us to be led into it.  

We just want to see people become everything God intended them to be.  You have great potential to radically change the world you live in.  This is where you should be going to find what you are looking for.  This is where you will find truth and healing for your soul.  Don't run from it, run to it.  Don't sit and do nothing, pick yourself up and move.  You'll be glad you did.


Listen to some of our messages and you will catch just a little of the flavor of Messiah Community.  It's our desire you leave church edified and happy.