Can we participate in life?

Posted on: November 28, 2017

I recently had the question ask of me regarding whether it was "OK" to participate in activities that have questionable, at best, beginnings.  Case in point: Why would MCC choose to do a Halloween Trunk or Treat?  After all it is the devil's night.  All witches and Satanist celebrate their big night as the winter solstice begins.  I was even sent an article from the internet written by a supposed former Satanist who said that the very minute your child puts on a Halloween costume you have sold their soul to the devil. 

Let me take this a little at a time.  First of all. no Christian can be demon possessed.  You cannot give your child's soul away by putting them in a Scooby Doo outfit and having them go around the block collecting candy from the neighbors.  The Holy Ghost is not going to share a room with any demon.  I'm not sure the lady who wrote the article genuinely knew what she was writing of concerning Satanism or not, but what I do know is that she had no clue concerning the Bible and the power of salvation in Christ Jesus.

Secondly can we get the history correct. All Hallows Eve has been around for a long, long time going back to before the druids.  It was a night when the children and the adults dressed up like various things hoping to ward off evil spirits.  The costumes were not to invite them in but to scare them off.  The druids were an odd bunch who did not worship "Satan" but who did worship nature and had some strong beliefs in pagan gods.  To say that they were "Satan" worshippers would be like saying your local Bengals fan is one as well.  Let's face it, if you are not a Christian, then you belong to the devil because that will be your final resting place.  That does not mean you are a Satanist or a Satan worshipper.  There are some of those and they proudly lay claim to it.  They really do take Satan as their god and obey a very weird set of rules.  All lost people are not Satan worshippers.  They are just not believers in Jesus Christ which will eventually land them in a permanent home with the prince of darkness himself.

Thirdly:  Why shouldn't the church celebrate the end of the harvest and the beginning of winter?  Is it a sin to give the kids in the neighborhood the opportunity to collect some safe candy in a safe place?  Jesus used all kinds of feast to take an opportunity to spread the good news about His grace.  He even ate with publicans and sinners.  Some of His meetings were in effectively a bar.  I believe the Lord would want us to show the world a better way.  We don't have to dress up like vampires or tramps to have a good time and set a different example.  Some call it compromise.  I say keep it innocent for the kids and teach them that there should be a time to celebrate each year the Lord's harvest in our lives.  

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