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Posted on: January 24, 2019

“In anticipation of that possibility, in January 2019 the state of New York enacted the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) to bring state laws in line with federal law guaranteeing abortion rights, and to preserve access to abortion services should Roe v. Wade be overturned. In a nutshell, the RHA does three things:

First, it strips abortion from the state’s criminal code and places it entirely within the realm of public health law. Second, it expands who can perform the procedure from beyond just physicians to any licensed, certified or authorized health care practitioner for whom abortion is within their scope of practice.

Finally, it legalizes abortion after 24 weeks in cases where it would protect a woman’s health or where a fetus is not viable. State law previously only allowed abortions after 24 weeks if the woman’s life was in jeopardy.”


I print the above article found as a fact check to articles written by pro-life columnist and publications concerning the new Reproductive Health Act enacted by the state of New York on January 24, 2019.  This “act” is further proof of the degradation of the American culture which once held all life to be valuable. As a Christian I find it my duty to speak out about these horrendous laws that I am afraid we have not seen the last of.  So many in the pro-death movement since Roe V Wade have gone absolutely bonkers to try to criminalize those who believe abortion to be wrong.  They have taken every opportunity to make Christians and churches out to be the bad guys while they fall headlong into the worship of Molech (or Moloch).


Molech was the Canaanite god who became well known with the practice of child sacrifices. Later the practice was picked up by those in Ammon, Phoenicia, and Carthage.  Baal worship (Baal being the pagan god of Babylon and many other nations) also began to desire human sacrifices, especially children who were believed to be the purest sacrifice worshippers could offer to appease their blood thirsty god.  Along with these cultures there was also rampant illicit sexuality.  Women were purposefully impregnated so that they could offer their babies as sacrifices. 


Paul the Apostle spoke to the Corinthian church harshly regarding their sexual misconduct.  He set them straight that marriage was between a man and a woman and that there are limits on sexuality even within a marriage.  God gives us children as a blessing.  Each and everyone, even those damaged in or at birth, those with genetic defects and those who never develop fully.  To turn around and sacrifice those children on the altar of abortion simply because we do not find them valuable or as a blessing or we do find them to be inconvenient is such an affront to what the Lord intended.  Shouldn’t we wonder why this supposed “right” a woman has over her “own” body is so viciously defended.  Since when does one person’s right over their body mean that another must die?  Did they not have a choice before they laid down with the man they did not want to have children with?  Then the rape and incest argument.  Both of these have such a small percentage of the babies born annually to make the argument null and void.  What about the risk to the mother’s life?  I am married to a great mom.  I have to believe that every day while my children were growing up she considered the risk to her life to defend them.  She would even lay down her life to defend our grandchildren.  No questions ask.  If it meant they lived but she died then so be it. 


You would think that in a civilized society like the United States and amongst a people who claim a relationship with the God of the Bible that we would not be celebrating as victory a law like the one passed in New York today.  We have thrown aside any reason of a rational God fearing society to cover our own greed and promiscuity.  Now I know the law says that it is only in the case of the risk of the mother’s life or because the baby is no longer “viable”, but who makes that determination.  Is it the mother who most often has been ill informed of the options available?  Is it the doctor who will find it more profitable to abort the baby?  Or maybe the insurance company or the hospital?  Now that we determined a baby has the right to live only if nobody believes them to be flawed in some manner or that their mother might not make it through the pregnancy, what is the next step?  Maybe it is that the baby will have a terrible life if they are born to an unwed mother?  Or that the baby will not be a smart as everyone else or as pretty/handsome as all the other children? 


In the meantime thousands of women have nightmares over their trip to the abortion doctor and the eventual termination of their viable child before 24 weeks in the womb.  All because we are not permitted to teach sexual restraint to our children in public schools.  Also because we have so cheapened human life and reduced us to billions of years later ancestors to monkeys.  What is wrong with us as a nation?  Have we lost all reason just so we can satisfy some animalistic instinct that science now says we should act upon at the slightest opportunity to do so?  Isn’t it more likely that the God of Creation formed us to be different than the animals?  Can we just for a moment believe that the unborn child in a woman’s womb, regardless of how it got there, is more valuable than the kittens and puppies we see displayed daily on the animal rescue commercials?  It may be that you are reading this and finding me to be some type of religious nut case.  Have you ever given time to think about the awesome responsibility that comes with being a human being?    


We were created better than the animals.  Yes I know for some that is hard to swallow.  We were created not just with a different intelligence that all other life on the planet, but with a superior intellect than all other life on the planet.  That is a fact!! Not a conjecture!  I know we are not supposed to let facts get in the way of “morality” but the facts of our creation and the responsibly of it are indisputable.  We humans have a higher calling.  We are supposed to have sexual relations to procreate.  It is pleasurable for us so that we will.  We are supposed to carefully and skillfully find a mate for life of the opposite sex so that we can procreate and then train up the next generation of humans who will learn the principles and responsibilities of being a human being.  It seems however that we have left our calling as a higher species of existence.  The smarter our society becomes the less intelligent we become. 


It seems that no amount of reason can overcome the desire to snuff out the life of a child when it comes to defending the “right” of a woman to control her own body.  It is amazing how quickly we can brush aside an innocent life in order to preserve our own life.  Science has proven that a baby produces its own blood.  Other than nourishment it gets nothing from the mother.  It isn’t part of the mother’s body at all.  It is a sovereign entity living inside a host.  As such, shouldn’t it have a choice to live or die?  Does that child not have rights afforded to children outside the womb?  I have often wondered what part of euthanasia will be enacted first that will further keep our society from being inconvenienced.  Or that will take out those that are a burden or hard to manage from our society.  Maybe we begin to systematically end the life of everyone who doesn’t add to the greater culture.  You might be surprised who gets eliminated by the death boards.  Of course they will not call them for what they are.  They will call them Health Boards because they will be keeping up the public health.


We Christians need to rise up and begin to call out these atrocious acts for what they are.  They are the acts of a cult society with minds to destroy all that makes us human.  This abortion thing is an abomination to humanity and to the God of Creation.  When do we get back to teaching our children that their bodies are holy and vessels of honor?  When do we begin to teach them that no-one has a “right” to kill another innocent being?   When do we teach them that they are responsible for their own actions and will live with the consequences good or bad?  The Church needs to speak out regarding the moral issues of our nation before we have a nation no more.  Not in a manner that condemns but in a manner that convicts hearts of the mercy and grace of the Almighty God.  It is of the utmost importance that we stand up boldly from our pulpits and from our pews to declare the worth of humanity.    


Pastor Wayne Fox

Messiah Communtiy Church

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