We have several ways you may donate to MCC in support of our ministry.  You may give online by clicking the donate button which will take you to PayPal.  Then we receive our weekly offerings on Sundays at our regular meetings.  We do not receive offerings at any of our weekday meetings or events.  MCC is blessed to have a free and clear facility but it still takes finances to pay for the expenses of the ministry including salaries.  In addition to General Offerings, you may also give to our Blessing Bucks Fund which goes directly to help cover the cost of any benevolence needs our people might have as well as benevolent outreach such s feeding programs.  

Then we have our Financial Freedom Barrel located at the Ushers Cabinet in the front of our Sanctuary on the left side.  The barrel is given away when it reaches 3/4 full to one of our families.  The entire amount of whatever is in the barrel goes directly to the creditors of the recipient to help them become debt free. We began this program 14 years ago in hopes that seed sown to become debt free in the lives of our people would reciprocate to the church being debt free.  Then in 2015 the Lord did the impossible and gave us a debt free nearly 22,000 square foot facility.  That is how the principle of sowing and reaping works.  We encourage our members to sow any spare change or loose singles they might have.  So far 15 families have received assistance to become debt free through the Financial Freedom Fund.