Kids Kingdom Super Church

Kids' Kingdom Super Church is where the children (4 years old through 5th grade) go to learn about God in a fun and inspiring environment. The Word of God is taught using creative methods that get the children interested in exercising their faith and memorizing the Word. The children are rewarded for bringing visitors and knowing their memory verses.  Kids Kingdom is lead by Mrs. Mindy Bill.

Kid's Kingdom, Toddlers

Another part of Kids Kingdom is the toddler class. Children ages 18 mos. through 3 yrs. can go to a special class just for them where they will learn the Word of God and the principles of the Kingdom of God in baby bites. They have the opportunity to have fun, play , sing, and learn all in a safe, spiritual environment.

Newborn through 18 Months

A clean, safe Nursery is provided during service times for children under 18 mos.  We also have a family room set aside for mothers and father of newborns.

Mindy Bill, Children's Pastor

For more information, please feel free to contact Mindy Bill, Children's Pastor at Messiah Community Church.  Email at: 

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