Men's Ministry-The Hunting and Fishing Club

Men's Ministry-The Hunting and Fishing Club

Our Mens' Group the "Hunting and Fishing Club" will meet each month on the second Saturday at 8:30 am. 

Join us for breakfast then prayer and fellowship.  The breakfast is free to all who attend and isn't a breakfast for the whimpy.  We aren't throwing a pancakes at you then asking for a donation.  We serve eggs, bacon, sausage, ghoetta, pancakes, french toast, oatmeal and various other breakfast dishes.  Everyone is invited for breakfast every month.

After breakfast we save time for some real spirtual meat.  Generally we have an open discussion lead by a moderator relating something challenging to guys.  If there is any lack in the body of Christ it is guy meat for the not so whimpy at heart.  The Gospels are full of challenge for todays males.  There is nothing more masculine than to be able to stand tall as a servant of Christ.  We learn how to insert our faith into our daily walk without looking like some kind of Christian wierdo or whimpy dude.  Having a strong faith in Christ Jesus and Him crucified is essential to the success of men in this day and age. Those who know their God will excel in their fields, their family life and their life as a husband.  It takes real men to face their short comings with honesty and humility determining to allow the Spirit of Christ to conform them into His image and His likeness.

Please join us and bring a friend.

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