Missions Central

Missions Central

"Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to all creation." Mark 16:15
" ...let us not love in works, but with actions and in truth." 1 John 3:18  This is a mission's project of Messiah Community Church begun by our Mission's Director, Richard Kyrlach.  Our goal is to bring fresh potable water to remote villages in various countries on the African continent.  Our first project is in a village in Ghana, West Africa.  Many villages there do not have any means or natural source for fresh drinkable water.  By taking the water that brings life to these villages we will have the opportunity to take the Water that Creates life to the villagers.  You may support the project by following the link to  If you would like to join the mission to drill and install the well and pump you may contact Richard Kyrlach from the website.

Mexico:  We support Mike and Becky Kuelker who minister in central Mexico.  They teach local pastors and assist by bringing solid teaching to newly formed ministries in their area.  They also minister in the local prison system as well as their main thrust to the Huechol Indians in the central mountain region of Mexico.  They have established churches under indigenous pastors and maintain a follow up with the young churches to insure their long term success.  They have devoted their lives to teaching the uncompromised Gospel of grace to the lost indigenous groups in central Mexico.  The Kuelkers take in missions groups or individuals from various churches in the USA for short term outreach programs.

Lenny Wells Ministries International:  Pastor Lenny Wells is the Pastor of Amazing Love Fellowship in Washington, D.C..  The church is really the main headquarters of a vast international outreach program reaching out to Africa, India and the Philippines.  The ministry he has received from the Lord has established indigenous churches, orphanages, and schools in some 6+ nations.  We are partnering with him to support some of these works to take the Gospel around the world.  This is one of the few ministries where 100% of donated funds actually go to ministry whether it is buying medicine to cure malaria, feeding orphans and widows or giving an orphaned kid living on the streets an education.  This ministry also gives us opportunity to send teams on overseas missions trips.

Local Missions: Our Youth Group, Velocity, as well as many other church members, take missions work to the local level.  We will cook and serve meals every other month at a local feeding program, such as Open Door Ministry.  

The Grace of Christ Jesus is not exclusive to the Middle Class and above.  The same Gospel that promised prosperity to the wealthy promises prosperity to the poorest among us. Through Christ all things become possible. 

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