Praise & Worship


Our team of worship leaders are all individually talented but as a team they are simply incredible.  When we praise as a community the Lord inhabits the atmosphere and fills it with His worship.  At Messiah Community we focus less on talent and more on the heart of worship in our team members.  As a result, the Lord has sent some of the best talent in the city to our doorstep to lead the congregation into places of deep worship.  Weekly we introduce new, old, fast, slow, original and popular songs of praise.  These come from multiple genres which allow us to touch every heart with an open door to freely worship the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.  

Our worship team is currently being led by Mr. Justin Jones who also doubles as our Youth Minister. Justin Jones and Stephen Lambert also sing at various venues around the city and across the country as The Steps Of The Just.  They have a mellow R&B sound and bring to the group a lot of versatility to sing gospel, R&B, contemporary worship and some funky sounds not expected in "church".

Mrs. Betty Fox traveled the greater Cincinnati area with her sister singing at many local Baptist churches.  They sang Southern Gospel as well as contemporary Christian.  Her niece Mrs. Mindy Bill also traveled with them as a teen but now sings our soprano parts while doubling as our Children's Minister.  Both have very talented natural voices. Bridget Meyung is also part of this family of great voices.  She holds down the serious alto parts with her natural mellow alto voice. Mrs Paula Steins, Raichell Lambert, Tania Jones and Nancy Rogers round out all the fill in parts for this great team of worshippers.  Mrs. Dawn McKay adds a twist of hard core Gospel shout to the group with her sweet soulful voice.

Our worship band includes Bob Wenzel who has been playing the rhythm guitar for many years starting with Catholic guitar masses when they first came into being.  Our drummer, Lee Steele, traveled with 500 Miles To Memphis when they initially hit the traveling circuit as a popular night club band.  Angela Bolan rounds out the team as a very talented cellist.  Angela comes from a very musical family having parents that were both players in various orchestras.  She played in local theaters as well and adds the sweetness of the cello to our worship experience.  We are also blessed to have the lead guitar talents of Mr. Ben Duke a local guitar celebrity who has played at many places around Cincinnati.  Mr. Dave McMahon, of the Modulators, is on the keys and is an incredible talent both playing and singing.  Our bass player is Mr. Kenny Hill who has also played led guitar and bass at a number of local restaurants and for many local bnads. Together this group is one of the best worship bands in the city.  They take us into the throne room each week by injecting new life to old hymns of the faith as well as covering some of the newer worship songs heard everyday on the radio.  Additionally, this band plays by and in the Spirit.  They can change on the fly and create new music during times of spontaneous worship. 

Together this group lays down their incredible individual talents to submit to one another and the Spirit of the Lord which makes a formula for a worship experience that you won't soon forget.  We hunger each week to get into the presence of God as a community.  There is power when His people praise Him together resulting in miracles happening.

 The Worship Team Members

Worship Leader - Justin Jones     

Rythm Guitar - Mr. Bob Wenzel

Cello- Mrs. Angela Bolan

Lead Guitar - Mr. Ben Duke

Bass - Mr. Kenny Hill 

Keyboard - Mr. Dave McMahon

Drums - Mr. Lee Steele

Vocals - Mrs. Mindy Bill, Mrs. Betty Fox, Mrs.Tania Jones, Mrs. Raichell Lambert, Mr. Stephen Lambert, Mrs.Bridget Meyung, Mrs. Paula Steins, and Mrs. Nancy Rogers.

Sound Team - Mr. Ed Cupp and Mr. Kevin St. Clair

Video - Mrs. Pamela Payne & Ben Parker

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