Sunday Service (1/2/22)

Q&A #2 by Pastor Wayne Fox

In this Q&A session, we went remote due to a high number of ill congregation members over the New Year. We cover 2 questions, Is There Sex in Heaven and Do Christians Have a Right To Self Defense. There were a lot of sub-questions on these two important subjects. It stirred a lot of discussion through the online chat which can be seen throughout the lesson. Unfortunately, the live camera feed was dysfunctional but the audio and slides are good. Listen and learn through this discussion.

Sunday Service (1/9/22)

Q&A #3 End-Time Event by Pastor Wayne Fox and Ministry Team

This week we take a risk and answer questions to the best of our availability from members of the congregation. This week we will tackle questions on Jesus's return, end-time events, and perilous times. We begin at 10:35 AM Sundays

Sunday Service (1/16/22)

How to Escape a Poverty Mentality

How To Escape A Poverty Mentality Many suffer from a poverty mentality, even some people with lots of money. Poverty has nothing to do with how much you have or have not. The Word of God makes us rich and gives instruction on how to never be dependent on the world's value markets.

Sunday Service (1/23/22)

Q&A #4 Giving, Tithing and My Relationship With Christ

As #4 of our Q&A sessions, we will answer a series of questions asked by our members on Giving and Tithing particularly as these matters relate to our commitment to Christ. Is Tithing Biblical and is it part of the NT teaching of Jesus? Is there a curse or a blessing attached to tithing? There are many more questions related to this important topic.

Sunday Service (1/30/22)

Jesus the Word, Pt 1

This Sunday we will begin to take a look at the Word of God. As we see Him for who He is from the Gospel of John we will begin to see us for who He sees us to be in Him.