Today Is The Day

It's a new year at Messiah Community Church.  Pastor Wayne talks to the church about the year ahead and the grace the Lord is pouring out on the church.

Explain The Sovereignty of God

His Name Is Sovereign
His Name is Sovereign

In this message Pastor Wayne answers the question, What does it mean that God is sovereign?  This is a great look at the power in the person of Jesus Christ who is the beginning of all things.  God is God and we are not.

How Do We Have Faith Sometimes??

In this powerful answer to the question, How do we have faith sometimes but at other times we totally fail?  Pastor Wayne lays out the need to know more of Jesus so we fail not in our faith.  It does seem that most believer's faith goes up and down with the circumstances and trials of life.  That isn't the way we are supposed to live as believers.  We are to have strong faith based upon strong revelation of who Jesus Christ is.