PTSD#1 Unrealistic Expectations

PTSD#1 Unrealistic Expectations Revealed
Revealing Truth Through the Word

In this new series taught by our pastor, Wayne P. Fox, we will discover how so many have been abused within the body of Christ by doctrines taught that are not edifying or correct.  Through the years the power of Christ love has been beaten down in order to further personal agenda or "church" policy (doctrine) rather than the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  In this first installment Pastor Wayne reveals PTSD#1 Unrealistic Expectations.  This first part deals with the unrealistic expectations that by your faith you have God as your magic genie waiting to do your bidding.  WOW!!

PTSD#1 Unrealistic Expectations Pt 2

PTSD#1 Exposed
Truth Revealed Through the Word

In this message Pastor Wayne teaches on the origin of PTSDs In The Church and how many good people refuse to engage in this age with the organized body of Christ because they suffer from the side effects of bad doctrine they have learned from the pulpit and various books.  The only answer is the Word of God which is easily understood when read with a heart and mind focused on grace.  Be encouraged! You can get back in the water again.

PTSD#1 Unrealistic Expectations Pt3

Unrealistic Expectations Revealed
PTSD#1 Revealed Through The Word

The conclusion of PTSD#1 comes through Pastor Wayne as he teaches on the doctrine that we shouldn't expect anything from God because we are not worthy.  The value of our lives comes alive as we learn that we are the apple of God's eye.  He created us in His image and likeness with gifts, talents and abilities gifted to us by Him.  He does not regret giving any of it to us.  As much as it is damaging to think God is a genie in a bottle, believing He never finds us worthy of His Grace because we are "old sinners saved by grace" is just or more so damaging.  This is a lesson with great truth to lift your spirit and give your heart worth.    

PTSD#2 The Flight Of The Armorbearer Pt1

Opening the Word to Truth
PTSDs In The Church Revealed

In this message Pastor Wayne begins to teach about Armorbearers, grooming and PPAs.  He explains the origin of the doctrine that has harmed many in the body of Christ.  Jesus is the suffering servant who taught us how to serve not be served.  This is PTSD#2 The Flight of the Armorbearer.  You will find this un-Scriptural doctrine and how to cure PTSDs related to your experience with it.  As well, you will understand the Scriptural offices of the "Church".