Jesus Is Our Passover

Big Blue Cross
Big Blue Cross

Pastor Wayne talks about Jesus being our Passover in these modern days.  He passed over our sin to bring us righteousness.  In fact He actually made us the righteousness of God in Himself.

Jesus Our Time Traveler

Light On The Word
Light on the Word

Have you ever thought about how God changes lives today through His son who lived 2000 years ago?  Pastor Wayne has and in this teaching gives us the image of Jesus traveling through time to our present age to clean up our mess so it is as if we had never sinned.   The result we stand before God as Righteous.  It is an amazingly wonderful and miraculous thing the Lord has done.

The Ultimate Seal Of Approval

We continue our series on the Benefits of the Blood with discovering The Ultimate Seal Of Approval for our lives.  The Bible tells us we are sealed with the Holy Ghost and that the blood of the sacrifice sealed God's covenant with Abraham and then the children of Israel.  How do these relate to us today?  Learn the deep truth of how the blood of Christ Jesus keeps us to this day and into eternity.

Jesus Finished It All

Crown Of Thorns
Crown of Thorns

So often people wonder if all of our sin was really forgiven or is God holding something back?  Does God have an angst against men and just can't help but to judge us as guilty?  Pastor Wayne answers these questions and solidifies for the believer that it was finished at the cross of Christ and will never rise again to bring judgement against those who believe.

Jesus Our Healing Sacrifice


Jesus stills heals physical illness today.  He heals us body, soul and spirit.  Sometimes it is miraculous and sometimes through the knowledge of doctors.  Regardless of how it gets done, the work is the Lord's.  We cannot heal ourselves through our efforts.  It take the stripes of Jesus to complete a good work in us.