PTSD#2 The Flight Of The Armor-bearer Pt2

Revelation from the Word
Revelation from the Word

In this message Pastor Wayne continues teaching on the doctrine of the "armor-bearer" in the New Testament church.  He introduces Psalm 23 as the perfect job description of the Shepherd with the sheep.  If you have ever been subject to a church with "armor-bearers" you need to hear this series. 

PTSD#2 The Flight Of The Armor-bearer Pt3

Revelation From The Word
Revelation Form The Word

This message concludes the teaching on the "armor-bearer" for the New Testament church by finishing the 23rd Psalm as being a job description of the shepherd of the flock from the sheep's view.  When David penned this Psalm it was not from the view of the shepherd but that of the sheep.  His message to the church is Shepherds guard your sheep and serve them.  So many lives have been affected by this doctrine that has no place in the church.

How To Have Power To Conceive Seed

green pastures to grow
green pastures to grow

The parable of the sower and the seed is the starting point for this message from Pastor Wayne.  The soils have a role to play in receiving the seed or Word of God.  If we accept the promises as God gives them with joy, like Sarah, we shall conceive seed and our harvest will come forth.  This is insightful teaching for us to put away all the things that prevent God's Word from being fruitful in our lives.

18th Anniversary Message

Sweet Hour of prayer
Sweet hour of prayer

Pastor Wayne gives an exhortation to the church on our 18th anniversary to grow up.  At 18 we can legally do all kinds of things we could not do at a younger age.  The biggest is be responsible for our action and decisions.  This is a timely word to the body of Christ.

You Are Witnesses Against Yourself

The light of the Cross
The Light of the Cross

In this message Pastor Wayne describes how the children of Israel said they would serve God when confronted of their loyalty to Him by Joshua.  They said they would be witnesses against themselves if they failed to keep the Law.  Pastor Wayne reminds us that our salvation is free and that we cannot meet the requirements for God's grace by doing.  We receive Grace by Grace.