Feb 3 2019 Equipping The Revolutionary

Power Of Pentecost
Power of Pentecost

Our teacher instructs us on how the Holy Spirit equips the revolutionary for the revolution that is coming.  We are all equipped by the power of the Spirit.  This is a great look at the outpouring of the Spirit on the first church body.  It is powerful and it is for today.

Feb 10 2019 The Revolution Takes Root

Overflowing Power
Overflowing power

The first church begins to grow and the roots are planted deep in the hearts of the hearers.  Pastor Wayne takes a look at the firm foundation planted under the feet of the new believers.  The church was meant to dominate the world not by force but by love which in itself is the most overwhelming force known to mankind.  

Feb 17 2019 Resurrection Or Insurrection

Fan The Flame
Fan The Flame

Peter and John, 2 disciples of Jesus, are arrested by the priest.  They are strictly warned to no longer speak of any resurrection.  Why was that?  What were the priest afraid the people would find out?  In this powerful message Pastor Wayne explains how knowing about the resurrection removes fear from the hearts of the people.

Feb 24 2019 The Name Above All

Wait For The Outpouring
Wait for The Outpouring

The disciples are threatened regarding preaching any message in the Name of Jesus.  What was in that name?  Why were the priest so enraged over using it?  Pastor Wayne explains the power of the name and how it reveals the character and grace of Almighty God.