How Jesus Set The Captives Free

Freedom Is Powerful
Freedom is Powerful

This message by Pastor Wayne will tell us how Jesus set the captives free.  He is still setting them free and will do so until He returns in glory with the saints.

How Jesus Makes Intercession For Us

Submit To Jesus' Authority
Submit to Jesus Authority

How Jesus Makes Intercession For Us is a powerful message that speaks to who is actually our intercessor.  If Jesus is our intercessor why do we look to any other to go before the throne of heaven for us.  We need to see Him as willing and able to intervene on our behalf........and He does.

Enter The Throne Room

We shall all stand before the judgement seat of Christ
We shall all stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ

Enter the throne room of the Almighty God, the judge of all creation.  IN this message Pastor Wayne builds a picture of what it is like to enter the Throne Room where Jesus the Christ is seated next to His Father in the throne of His glory.  We see that we can boldly enter because of Jesus' finished work on the earth.

If Jesus Is Lifted Up

Lift Jesus up in your heart
Lift Jesus Up in Your Heart

Jesus said that He is lifted up from the earth He will draw all men unto Him.  In this message Pastor Wayne explains what it means for Jesus to be lifted up from the earth.  This is a very important message for the church to hear in this day and age.  We must place Jesus at the headship of the church if the church if the church is going to be truly His body.