Sunday Service (8/2/20)

The Most Important Thing to Know Pt 2

Today we dive deep into the most important parable Jesus taught. This week Pastor Wayne will look at the Sower in the parable of the Sower and the seed. There is so much truth in this one lesson Jesus taught that understanding it will open the entirety of the Word of God. Get wisdom and get knowledge but in all your getting get understanding.

Sunday Service (8/9/20)

Jesus Bought Your Whole Field

 Jesus bought your whole field and He found His pearl of great price.

This week we take a look at another parable that is a must to understand.  The message Jesus brought of His amazing grace comes alive through His parables.

Sunday Service (8/16/20)

The Power of the Mustard Seed

"The Power Of The Mustard Seed." This week we will look at the smallest of seeds, the mustard seed. Jesus said the Kingdom He reigns over and presents to mankind begins as that mustard seed. It is significant to the life of the believer to discover the power of the Mustard Seed.

Sunday Service (8/23/20)

What Goes In Will Come Out

"What Goes In Comes Out" This week Pastor Wayne teaches on What Comes In Goes Out. It is explaining Jesus's teaching from Matthew 15 regarding the blind leading the blind into the pit. He will apply this to modern-day Christianity vs the voices of the modern culture.

The Power of Innocence