Sunday Service (7/5/20) Independence Weekend

True Freedom Comes Through Christ

We can only be truly free if we are spiritually free from all bondage.  Many believers have received Christ yet have no idea how to be free in their entire beings.  Most of this comes from a system of religion that brings about guilt.  In this freeing message Pastor Wayne teaches on the kind of grace that releases us from the bondage of guilt and shame.  Sin is totally forgiven and forgotten.

Sunday Service (7/12/20)

Better Than They Led You To Believe

This is a message of awakening.  Not as the current societal pressures would want you to believe but awakening to the facts of just how good grace is through Jesus Christ.  Nobody could have imagined being in this kind of favor with the God of Creation.  Pastor Wayne opens up new doors of understanding how much we truly have in Christ.

Sunday Service (7/19/20)

Perception Becomes Reality

***Please turn on the Closed Captioning to receive the full benefit of this video as we work through sound issues. As you move your mouse across the video screen, the CC icon will appear at the bottom right corner.*** Hang onto your seat as you learn how your perception becomes your reality. Bradley Fox takes us through how to have the right perception so we can have the right reality as God intended for our lives.

Sunday Service (7/26/20)

The Most Important Thing to Know

This will be a look at the parable of the sower and the seed that you most likely have never heard. Jesus told us this parable is the one that unlocks all the message of the Kingdom of God. I have been putting this one together for many weeks and believe it will change your heart and faith.