The Benefits of The Blood (Pt 1)

The Benefits Of The Blood

The Benefits of The Blood Pt 1

This is the first message in the series by the same title where Pastor Wayne dives into all we ought to know about the blood of Christ that saved us from our sin and so much more.  This will takes the highly spiritual and apply it in a practical application so the hearer is edified to know Christ and His complete work.

The Benefits Of The Blood (Pt 2)

The Ultimate Seal Of Approval

This is Part 2 of the series The  Benefits Of The Blood in which Pastor Wayne explains how the Ultimate Seal Of Approval has been placed on the believer.  In the Old Testament the covenant with Abraham was sealed with the blood of the sacrifice.  Our covenant was also sealed with blood and we enjoy the benefits to this day.  You have to hear or watch this one.

Don't Get Religious Get Sanctified

Don't Get Religious Get Sanctified is the third in our series on The Benefits Of The Blood.  This lesson teaches how we are cleansed and set aside for the Lord's use by the blood of Jesus.  One cannot look sanctified or do something to get sanctified.  There are no religious acts that can do what the blood has already done.  You must hear this message if you are struggling with your salvation.

The Benefits of The Blood (Pt 4)

Understand The Blood - Get Prayers Answered

Number 4 in our series, The Benefits Of The Blood, deals with prayer.  In Understand The Blood Get Answered Prayer, Pastor Wayne Explains how important it is to understand what happened when the blood was applied to the Altar of Incense in Heaven. So many things opened up for us that allow us to come boldly to the throne of grace.  This is a message taught during the 2020 Covid 19 virus shut down.  It is recorded live in our office.  

The Benefits of The Blood (Pt 5)

Justified For The Priesthood

In Justified For The Priesthood Pastor Wayne takes us into the process of being anointed as a priest in the Old Testament.  We find that our lives in Christ have been made just so we can do the work of the ministry and finish our course.  This is a message that will impact how you see your Christian life.