Sunday Service (4/4/21)

The Blessing

This is the final message in the series The Promise, The Cross, and The Blessing. Our teacher will take us through how we encounter the Blessing of Abraham in our Christian life. This is the culmination of the Promise coming true through the Cross of Christ.

The Prayer of Faith

Sunday Service (4/18/21)

The Glorification of Jesus The Christ

The Glorification Of Jesus The Christ. Have you ever wondered what happened when Jesus was glorified? Why is death still part of life if Jesus finished the course? What do the two have to do with each other? In this lesson, our teacher reveals the answers to these important questions. This is a revelation about Jesus you must hear and comprehend.

Sunday Service (4/25/21)

The Heart of A Servant

In a day when so many things are up in the air, news media are no longer reliable, and it seems like every man for himself is the rule instead of the exception, there is one thing that will keep you calm, safe, and moving forward. Join us to hear how to have a heart like Jesus.