Sunday Service (6/6/21)

God's Original Intent for Me, pt. 2

God's Original Intent looks at what God intended for mankind from a life perspective. What was God's plan for man and how did sin invade His plan for us? We take a look at things that have gotten off track in a big way. We begin at 10:30 AM.

Sunday Service (6/13/21)

Who is this Jesus, pt. 1

Who Is This Jesus There was a real human being who walked the earth 2000+ years ago who was named Jesus. That was a popular name at that time. The only thing that distinguished Him from all the other Jesus's is what He did. Join us for some great revelation on who Jesus is.

Sunday Service (6/20/21)

Who is this Jesus, pt. 2

This teaching digs into Jesus, the Son of Righteousness. There is a unique connection between the Father and the Son that is fulfilled in righteousness. We begin at 10:35 AM.

Sunday Service (6/27/21)

Who is this Jesus, pt. 3

We will continue this Sunday with Who Is This Jesus? This week we will focus on Jesus the Redeemer. Wait until you find out how big this redemption is!