Sunday Service (4/3/22)

Eyes To See, Pt 1

There is a vast difference between what we see and what we should see with many things in life. The Scriptures encourage us to see as the Lord sees. This message will help you have eyes to see.

Sunday Service (4/10/22)

Eyes To See, Pt 2

There is an expression, "Go in with your eyes wide open". So many times in our walk in faith we have our eyes shut to the glorious works of the Almighty all around us. In this message learn to have eyes to see.

Sunday Service (4/17/22)

When Jesus Rose Victory Began

Until Resurrection Sunday man was a victim. On that morning everything changed. No longer was man the victim but he became the victor. Life was no longer an out-of-control chance, but a planned destiny.

Sunday Service (4/24/22)

Beautifully And Wonderfully Made, Pt 1

The Bible tells us we are beautifully and wonderfully made. What exactly does that mean? Can I experience the beauty and wonderfulness of life especially if I'm a flawed creation? Find out how amazing God has created you in His image and in His likeness.