Sunday Service (10/2/22)

The God of gods, Pt 1

This message deals with the place of the Almighty Creator God in the life of humanity. We ask the hard question of where is God now. We can see His handy work in so many things but none like His commitment to showing Himself to us.

Sunday Service (10/9/22)

The God of gods, Pt 2

This message continues with examining the position of the God of creation in our lives on a personal basis. He is either God or He is a god. The choice belongs to each being on the planet.

Sunday Service (10/16/22)

The God of gods, Pt 3

God has proven Himself over and over to mankind but His most spectacular display of love for us came in the form of His own sacrifice to redeem mankind. In this lesson, we will discover how important it is to accept God is God and why it is so dangerous to reject Him.

Sunday Service (10/23/22)

Married to the Word

Scripture likens the church to a bride married to the Son of a great King. Jesus is that Son but He is more than a son, He is the total personification of His Father. If the church is to be married to Jesus shouldn't it know the Word? What is our call as believers to that Word? Find out your call.

Sunday Service (10/30/22)

Faithfulness Opens Blessedness

The Bible tells us that a man should be found faithful. In an age when it is every man for himself (herself as it were), faithfulness is a rare commodity. We take a look at the role of faithfulness in living a life of blessedness in this message.