Sunday Service (1/8/23)

The Good News Of The King

The Gospel of Matthew introduces Jesus as the rightful heir to the throne of David. So what you might say. Well in this introduction to a systematic teaching on the Gospel of Matthew, you will find out how important this is to you as a believer in Christ. You will never read Matthew the same again.

Sunday Service (1/15/22)

The Unique King For A Unique Kingdom

Jesus is the most unique person ever born but more importantly, there has been no other earthly king to ever have His credentials from birth. All was needed to set up a Kingdom that would one day be what God intended for mankind.

Sunday Service 1/22/23

John: The King's Lumberjack

The man John the Baptist is a great messenger to bring in the coming Messiah. In this lesson, we learn how John is the Lumberjack who cuts off the tree at its root so that Christ can bless your life.

Sunday Service (01/29/23)

Baptism by Fire

Jesus went to meet John the Baptist at the Jordan to be baptized. Hidden in the account is the power He gives us to overcome all obstacles of our life as we go through the fire. Christians were not promised a problem-free life but a life of being able to overcome problems.