Sunday Service (9/5/21)

A Labor of Love

This week we will get a word on the labor of love as we celebrate Labor Day. Jesus taught us many things about the stuff we work for and our priorities for life. Join us as we celebrate the "work" we are to be engaged in.

Sunday Service (9/12/21)

The Power of Praise

Praise is the catalyst for many miracles in both the Old and New Testaments. The post-modern church falls short of this important weapon of our warfare. Maybe it is unnecessary in an educated society. Or maybe the humility it takes to bow to an Almighty God is missing.

Sunday Service (9/19/21)

The Power of Praise, pt. 2

How do we deal with praise in our post-modern church? Is it even relevant? Find out how your praise sets the table for miracles and the presence of spiritual forces to fight your battles.

Sunday Service (9/26/21)

Graceful Faith, How To Take The Leap

We are told to step out in faith. Then the teaching says do nothing but know you are under grace. What does grace want me to do? If I'm not supposed to do anything, how do I leap? Faith confusion shouldn't prevent you from having Graceful Faith.